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First in South Africa – ONLINE AutoCAD CPD Accredited Fundamental Training Through CADLearning

What is CADLearning?

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CADLearning is the premier Autodesk Authorised Publisher in Africa with e-learnning content for over 40 different Autodesk products, including Autodesk AutoCAD.

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The CADLearning platform is available 24/7 and is self-paced learning. The platform only requires 20 min a day to stay up to date.

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The CADLearning platform is available as an Organisational “Enterprise” License or “Single User” license for 12 months at a time.

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You can conduct Autodesk AutoCAD User Upgrade Training from past versions of Autodesk AutoCADto the most recent version.

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You can conduct Autodesk AutoCAD User Assessments to identify individual knowledge gaps.

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You can conduct AutoCAD Autodesk Authorised Certified User and Professional exam preparation.

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Customised Learning paths are created for you to target learning allowing you to bridge knowledge gaps and reduce redundant learning.

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Organisations can identify the best candidates for the job, onboard new employees, and continuously upskill.

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Organisations can benchmark teams using Assessments and Playlists to increase software adoption and align to Key Performance Areas.

CADLearning Overview

Why is this a Game changer for You?

  • Learn at your own pace – only need 20 minutes a day
  • Bill and Learn – no downtime
  • Enjoy on-the-project learning
  • Costs less that classroom training
  • Access to additional CADLearning features i.e CADLearning Assist
  • Not location bound – access CADLearning through CADLearning App

AutoCAD CPD Accreditation

Autodesk verified AutoCAD Fundamental Training content has been verified by ECSA.Get 1 CPD point after completing your AutoCAD CPD Fundamentals Goal on CADLearning

What is the cost?

Don’t have CADLearning yet?

CADLearning 1 Year Access

R2 650.00 ex. VAT

Already have CADLearning?

CADLearning 1 Year Access

R2 650.00 ex. VAT

How do i Get my AutoCAD CPD Training?

1) Buy Bundle or CPD Attachment

2) Access CADLearning

3) Complete AutoCAD Goal

Watch video on CADLearning Goals

4) Submit Proof of Successful Completion to Baker Baynes

5) Verification

6) Baker Baynes issues Certificate of Completion

7) User Issues to relevant Professional Body for CPD points

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