CADLearning:  Enhancing Skills and Improving Work Efficiency

Posted On 2023-07-04

Meet Samantha, a talented Senior draughtsperson in the Civil and Structural Engineering field who embarked on a journey to enhance her skill set and implement a workable system in her company. Through her determination and the assistance of CADLearning, Samantha was able to sharpen her skills and overcome various challenges. Samantha shares her experiences, highlighting how CADLearning has impacted her day-to-day role and overall productivity.

Customer Challenge

Being a person who takes initiative in finding solutions to challenges within her working environment, Samantha identified opportunities to improve work processes within her organisation. Understanding that the change transformation started with her own skill set, her goal was to become proficient in various software, such as Revit, Advanced Steel, Civil 3D, and more.

Her mission was to find an affordable, accessible training and support platform that would allow her to learn at her own pace, anytime and from anywhere. After consulting with her trusted digital transformation advisor, Baker Baynes, Samantha discovered CADLearning, the tool she had been searching for to empower herself in multiple Autodesk applications. Although the company introduced these software tools in a short period of time, Samantha took the initiative to purchase her own CADLearning subscription since no immediate technical support was available within her organisation on these software packages.

The Solution

CADLearning proved to be an invaluable resource for Samantha, offering troubleshooting assistance and a robust support mechanism. While traditional learning platforms and YouTube videos often left her with incomplete or ambiguous information, CADLearning provided a comprehensive and easily accessible knowledge base. Samantha appreciated the ability to search for specific topics, filter results based on software versions, and quickly find solutions tailored to her needs. It became her go-to source for addressing technical challenges and supporting her colleagues.

CADLearning served as more than just a training platform for Samantha. It became a multi-dimensional tool, allowing her to explore different software products while also providing vital support for her day-to-day tasks. By acquiring knowledge across multiple products within a short timeframe, Samantha witnessed a noticeable improvement in her work efficiency and project delivery. She was no longer reliant on fragmented sources like YouTube or forums but had a centralised and reliable platform to expand her expertise.

From a generational perspective, Samantha found online learning sessions to be  comfortable however, still preferring the traditional classroom settings. The flexibility and convenience of online sessions allowed her to practice and progress on the things that she learnt at her own pace while referring to her classroom notes when needed. The clear instructions and ability to revisit specific topics made the online learning experience highly beneficial.

Samantha shares, “Online learning is a valuable methodology and I would encourage others to embrace this approach. It’s more than convenience, it’s the ability to revisit a topic until you have the confidence that you have mastered it.”

Benefits and Impacts

Samantha’s commitment to self-learning and ambition played a crucial role when a new employment opportunity arose. When her new company decided to implement Advanced Steel and Civil 3D, Samantha’s previous experience and knowledge gained through CADLearning became a significant advantage. The company recognised the value of her expertise, and implementing the various packages which resulted in a more efficient work flow. CADLearning, in turn, contributed to Samantha’s professional growth and career advancement.

“I appreciate many features of CADLearning, including the ability to access additional plug-ins and have them readily available during my work. The platform’s user-friendly interface and the convenience of focusing on specific topics allow me to save time and improve productivity.”


Samantha believes that CADLearning could greatly benefit educational institutions, and  tertiary-level universities. Reflecting on her own experience of transitioning from traditional drawing boards to AutoCAD training, Samantha emphasizes the need for continued support and knowledge beyond the classroom. CADLearning can bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical implementation, empowering students and professionals to explore different approaches and simplifying complex concepts. Samantha recognises the value of integrating CADLearning into key performance areas within larger organisations. The possibilities of this extraordinary learning platform are endless.

Samantha is grateful that Baker Baynes was able to provide a solution to her hunger to learn and grow within her profession and that she was able to procure it within her personal capacity. Since introducing CADLearning to her current employers, they have seen the benefits thereof and have purchased and additional license. The future is bright for this dynamic woman as she continues to master her skill and profession.  

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CADLearning:  Enhancing Skills and Improving Work Efficiency

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