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What are the risks of using counterfeit software?

There are several risks associated with using counterfeit software: Illegal software often lacks important elements and documentation, and does not include warranty protection or upgrade options. Counterfeit disks may be infected with viruses that can damage hard drives or cripple networks. Copying or using illegally copied software puts your company at risk for copyright infringement; […]
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What constitutes unauthorized use of software?

All legal software is supplied with a license. This applies whether the software is acquired for use on one or a number of networked machines, or preinstalled as part of a system. Violating the terms of the license constitutes unauthorized use of the software. Check the applicable license for the specific terms that apply to […]
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What is Autodesk’s relationship to the Business Software Alliance?

Autodesk is a founding member of the Business Software Alliance (BSA), a nonprofit trade association created to advance the goals of the software industry and its hardware partners. BSA helps protect software providers’ intellectual property rights, enforce copyright legislation, and encourage compliance. The BSA receives thousands of reports of unlicensed use and takes legal action […]
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When and why was the Autodesk license compliance department established?

Since 1989, the Autodesk license compliance program has been a model for the software industry, emphasizing education and empowerment, as well as enforcement, when necessary. The program empowers customers and the public to comply with software licensing agreements, understand the risk of noncompliance, and adopt software asset management best practices. Autodesk provides information and tools […]
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