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Improve project outcomes with multidisciplinary BIM software

About Autodesk Revit

Use Revit® software to produce consistent, coordinated, and complete model-based building designs and documentation. Use Revit® to:


  • Efficiently and accurately capture design intent in 3D
  • Collaborate and coordinate across multidisciplinary teams
  • Use Revit to analyze, simulate, and connect in the cloud to improve designs

Top Revit Features


Model building components, analyze and simulate systems and structures, and iterate designs. Generate documentation from Revit models.


Work with members of an extended project team. Revit imports, exports, and links your data with commonly used formats, including IFC, DWG™, and DGN.

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Multiple project contributors can access centrally shared models. This results in better coordination, which helps reduce clashes and rework.


Communicate design intent more effectively to project owners and team members by using models to create high-impact 3D visuals.

Whats New In Revit 2020

New and enhanced Revit® building design software features support consistent, coordinated, and complete modeling for multidisciplinary design that extends to detailing and construction.

PDF underlay support

Insert a PDF into Revit from any source and snap to the PDF to model new elements based on the 2D data.

Path of travel

Understand how people will move in a building or navigate a space to analyze design performance.

Elliptical walls

Create more advanced wall geometry with the ability to draw elliptical walls and curtain walls.

Tag, schedule & view filter for elevation

Schedule elevation of elements and use those values in view filters, streamlining the ability to interact with elements in the properties palette.

Track & edit scope box parameter in view list

Include the scope box parameter in a view list, coordinate crop regions across multiple views without opening each view.

Create parts from imported geometry

Compare two versions of a drawing without leaving your current window.

Copy and paste legends across sheets

Enhanced copy-and-paste functionality for legends lets you efficiently copy legends for use in other locations.

Improved rebar copy and move logic

Get more predictable behavior when copying and moving shape-driven rebar, for higher accuracy and design intent fidelity.

See how Revit works with other products

Turn models into immersive visualisations

Use a connected BIM workflow to take architectural designs from concept through construction documentation.

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